Our History


Our History


Some 60 years ago, OWL started out in a small roastery where memories of its humble beginnings are held.

Starting off in 1956 as a partnership, the firm specialized in the manufacturing of roasted and grounded coffee under the name of Sin Hup Huat Co. It was only in October 1994 that OWL International Pte Ltd was officially incorporated.

Since then, OWL has grown into a distinct brand name renowned for its enduring coffee manufacturing tradition.

Combining heritage and progress, OWL coffee takes great pride in our strong tradition and history in coffee making. We constantly craft new blends to entice various taste profiles whilst preserving our commitment to the authentic essence of Straits Asian coffee culture.


Through the masterful hands of coffee experts, OWL has created time-tested recipes that exemplify the fine art of roasting and blending rich flavours and aromas.

Each cup of OWL coffee goes through a thorough process that begins from the selection of coffee beans, to the final stage of packaging of the final product. It is a process that ensures each OWL product is filled with incomparable flavour, body and taste.

With the expertise and experience in coffee roasting and an in-depth understanding of the market’s tastes and preferences, every cup of OWL coffee is specially crafted for maximum enjoyment.

Enjoy your favourite Southeast Asian brew in OWL’s various locations around the world.