Our Story


Our Story

Located in the heart of Southeast Asia, OWL is a Singapore-based instant F&B company. OWL manufactures instant beverage and convenience products, and is inspired by the region’s rich and diverse food heritage. Drawing on and curating the various influences of the region, we take on the best and well-loved classics, combining local flavours and recipes to craft new favourites.

With over 60 years of experience , OWL is proud to present itself as the pioneer who specialises in brewing the perfect cup of coffee, delivering rich and enjoyable flavours to fulfil the three criteria of good coffee:

The OWL brand has withstood the test of time from 1956, growing from a mere partnership to a ubiquitous household brand known for its quality and rich taste profiles, taking on traditional flavours and putting a creative twist on them to create new favourites.

At the same time, we exercise careful consideration, high standards, and utmost skill in our ingredient selection and production processes, ensuring that each product is meticulously produced.

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Our Markets

OWL coffee is available in more than 20 countries, and is a sign of our commitment to bring the OWL craftsmanship and its distinctive Straits Asian coffee brew to the world.

From the shores of North America to the great Down Under and everything in between, the OWL brand is one that has come to be known worldwide for its taste of modernity, prestige and heritage masterfully blended into a cup of satisfying coffee.

Find out what carefully crafted blends we have created here.

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