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July 2016, OWL launches NEW 3in1 Special Recipes White Coffee Tarik

OWL International’s 60th Anniversary is the gift that keeps on giving – this time with an enhanced version of their OWL White Coffee Tarik! The new formula, with its smoother, creamier and full-bodied blend, marks OWL International’s introduction of technology and innovation to their coffee-making process, to bring customers the best coffee for their enjoyment. The OWL White Coffee Tarik will be launched in major supermarkets from 1 August 2016.

The newly packaged OWL White Coffee Tarik uses 100% freeze-dried Mandheling Arabica Coffee beans from Sumatra. Often regarded as one of the world’s best coffees, Mandheling is a prized Arabica variety that grows on the highlands of Sumatra, Indonesia. As coffee aficionados would attest, the allure of Mandheling Arabica Coffee beans stems from its earthy-sweet taste, full body and distinctive nutty aroma. Using the latest freeze-drying technology that ‘locks in’ the aroma of the coffee beans, OWL’s version of the White Coffee Tarik boasts an enhanced flavour that lasts, drawing out the full taste of the Mandheling Arabica Coffee beans.

Caffeine lovers and newbies alike can look forward to four tasty variants of the blend:
• OWL White Coffee Tarik Original 
• OWL White Coffee Tarik Hazelnut
• OWL White Coffee Tarik Less Sugar
• OWL White Coffee Tarik Coconut Sugar 

Find out more about our OWL White Coffee Tarik here.