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April 2016, OWL Turns 60!


60 years on, home-grown coffee giant OWL International stands on its heritage to begin a new chapter in the OWL journey, becoming the first complete coffee company – encompassing the entire consumer chain from bean to cup. From the humble coffee roaster, OWL International has now entered every part of the coffee market through innovations and technological advancements.

The OWL range of products has blossomed from two basic coffee products sold locally, to almost 300 individual product variants including coffee, tea, cereal drinks and soy beancurd mixes that are distributed internationally. Consumers will soon be able to look forward to the 60th Anniversary Special Edition versions of OWL Everyday Favourites range. Produced using freeze-drying technology, the new Special Edition Everyday Favourites boasts an enhanced aroma and flavour compared to the original spray-dried range. Additionally, fans of OWL White Coffee Tarik can also look forward to a better ‘kopi’ experience with the introduction of a new, fully freeze-dried formulation using Mandheling Arabica coffee beans, known for its smooth, full-bodied flavour and rich taste. The new range of OWL’s Kopitiam Roast & Ground coffee also features roasted ground coffee sealed in filter bags to recreate a traditional ‘kopi’ flavour and freshly-brewed aroma.

OWL has revolutionized the traditional concept of Straits Asian beverages with its range of single-serving capsules. Available in flavours such as Kopi-O, Kopi-O Gao, Kopi-O Kosong and Teh-O, the OWL K-Cups Single Serve system seamlessly blends western technology with local tastes, and is expected to put the Republic’s local delights on the global map. Meanwhile, OWL will also focus on expanding its various businesses. It will be increasing its product range, beginning with the introduction of new instant soy pudding mixes & cereal in the upcoming quarter, with more new products to follow.

OWL Beverage Specialist (OBS), its professional food service business, will continue to strive ahead and to the forefront of the industry in 2016, with its holistic solutions and exceptional and innovative offerings. OWL Café enthusiasts will welcome the new café this year – OWL Transit, located in the Departure/Transit Lounge of Changi Airport Terminal 1.

With OWL bringing the full coffee experience to its fans, consumers can now find their favourite OWL beverages in the supermarkets like the White Coffee Tarik and Everyday Favourite range; at banquets and hotels, where diners can pair an authentic cup of OWL coffee with their meals; and at OWL Cafes where customers can opt to have a complete ‘OWL’ experience, enjoying their “kopi” with a delicious bowl of Peranakan Laksa Lemak.
Mr Richmond Te, Group Assistant General Manager of OWL International, said: “This year marks the beginning of OWL’s growth into a complete coffee company with new product innovation and technological advancement, further enhancing the flavour and aroma of our beverages. We may have had humble beginnings as a local coffee manufacturer, but 60 years on, we are ready to put Singapore’s local delights on the global map.”

OWL’s portfolio of products reflects its brand attributes, which combine 60 years of time-tested experience and recipes with meticulous high standards to preserve an authentic Asian coffee taste. The coffee connoisseur is constantly exploring new opportunities to strengthen its market share in Asia and bring its brew of perfect roast to even more overseas markets.