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December 2019, OWL launches NEW Kopi O Kosong

Taste the difference of OWL Kopi O-Kosong

“The Kopitiam Fresh-Brew Taste”




Introducing the brand-new OWL Kopi-O Kosong, this freshly ground coffee packed in a handy filter bag is a blend of black coffee which lends a strong taste to the palate and a robust caramelised aroma with the undertones of an authentic fresh brew taste from selected Arabica beans. You can now experience this authentic brew in a convenient way.




Certified with a Heathier Choice symbol by the Health Promotion Board, the OWL Kopi-O Kosong is made up of freshly ground coffee and does not contain sugar.

OWL Kopi-O Kosong, served as-is, makes a perfect brew, a favorite treat with any slice of buttered toast. It is also versatile as a coffee base to customise and calibrate other versions of Kopi – Kopi-O Siew Dai, Kopi-C and Kopi. Add as much or as little sugar and milk to customise a “just-as-I-like it” concoction for your personal palate.




From now to 31 December 2019, OWL is offering the OWL Kopi-O Kosong with an introductory price of S$4.20 per pack of 20 bags, instead of the Usual Selling Price of S$5.20. To sweeten the deal, receive a pack of Julie’s Biscuit Butter Crackers 200g when you purchase a pack of OWL Kopi-O Kosongover 15 sampling points across island-wide.


For more information on the OWL sampling points, please refer to OWL Facebook page at http://www.facebook.com/OWL.INT.