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July 2016, OWL launches NEW Everyday Favourites


Celebrating 60 years of coffee crafting, OWL International leads the pack and rewards their fans with a new, strong, rich and aromatic brew for their signature 3-in-1 coffee. Their latest edition OWL Everyday Favourites uses 100% freeze-dried Arabica and Robusta coffee beans, a first in Singapore’s instant coffee scene. OWL fans can put their coffee cravings to rest when this aromatic, wonderfully rich blend is re-launched in major supermarkets from 1 July 2016.

The enhanced OWL Everyday Favourites preserves the rich, creamy taste of well-loved, classic recipes while perfecting it with OWL’s new proprietary freeze-drying technology. With the introduction of 100% freeze-dried coffee beans, each sachet now contains a formula that unleashes a more robust brew in each cup, boasting an enhanced, longer lasting aroma and releasing the full flavour of the blend. Your morning dose of OWL Everyday Favourites will be sure to lift your day, everyday.

The OWL Everyday Favourites range comes in three variants, each produced with an exquisite and delectable blend of freeze-dried Arabica and Robusta coffee beans:
• OWL 3IN1 Regular 
• OWL 3IN1 Strong 
• OWL 2IN1 Coffee with Creamer 

Find out more about our OWL Everyday Favourites here.