OWL Beverage Specialist


OWL Beverage Specialist


The establishment of OWL Beverage Specialist (OBS) is the new and vibrant addition to OWL International as its professional division. The strong entrepreneurial leadership backing the coffee (beverage) serving establishment that is OWL International continues to scale greater heights with the introduction of OBS.

OWL with its Straits Asian heritage and Caffe Cagliari with its century old heritage hailing from Modena Italy. With this partnership, OBS will both represent and enter into the HORECA segment with a premium brand of coffee products for all Asia.

Keeping up with the times by way of innovation, December 2015 saw the introduction of the OWL Single Serve (capsule) System alongside the launch of its first phase of the Kopitiam product line. This was a proud moment for OWL as it marked the first traditional Straits Asian coffee to be made into a single serve system (capsules).

Further developments will be reflected in various quarters of 2016 with the trend-setting development of gourmet/specialty grade coffee and tea product lines, to address the ever-growing demands of this segment.

With the evolvement of OWL, OBS will continue to strive ahead and to the forefront of the industry in 2016 with its holistic solutions and exceptional innovative offerings, keeping in line with its aspirations to be a leading solutions provider to the region while retaining a personal touch.

A Professional Arm of OWL